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Our Story

Arnica Acupuncture was established in 1985 by Noel O’Regan – a pioneer in the field of natural pain management and maternity care.

The practice has gone from strength to strength, becoming a trusted name in Cork for those seeking the benefits of holistic, drug-free therapy.

Over recent years, Arnica has specialised in Japanese acupuncture, which has developed independently of the traditional Chinese style. This is a gentle, intuitive form of acupuncture characterised by the use of fine needles and moxibustion – the burning of moxa , or dried mugwort, at specific points on the body.

Photo of Maria O’Regan

About Maria O’Regan

Maria gained her Licentiate in Acupuncture in 1990 after a three-year course of intensive study, under the guidance of leading teachers from China and Ireland. Her training included many aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with principles of Western medical theory.

She worked alongside Noel at the Arnica practice for 10 years – a time she recalls as an ‘amazing apprenticeship’. Since then, Maria has continued her professional development with postgraduate training in China, the United States and the United Kingdom, including a Masters degree in Health Psychology.

Her dissertation focused on the experience of couples trying to conceive through IVF, reflecting a long-standing interest in fertility treatment. Maria has been an affiliate of the Zita West Fertility Clinic since 2010, and has continued to broaden her knowledge with Zita and her team in London over the past decade.

Further studies also included mindfulness and traumatology – knowledge that Maria has integrated into her own practice to treat stress and anxiety disorders, and to help alleviate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For almost two decades, she has also worked with the Cork community health initiative NICHE as an acupuncturist in a multi-bed unit.

Outside work, Maria is a keen runner and open-water swimmer. She has travelled widely throughout China, Japan, Vietnam and other parts of South East Asia where acupuncture is integrated into mainstream healthcare systems.

Maria strongly believes in the importance of good food to wellbeing, and has completed a certificate course at Ballymaloe Cookery School in East Cork. She frequently puts these skills into practice by sourcing, growing and cooking her own fresh produce.